Wolfgang Hennig















Members of my research group:

                                            Angela Becker, Anja Berger (Students) (year 2001)


                                            HP, Angela Becker, Anja Berger (Students) (year 2001)


                                                                      Hans-Peter Maser (Graduate Student) (year 2001)


                                            Wang Ya Xian (Technical Assistent)

                                                                           Yu Jie and Ye Jing (students) (year 2001/2003)

                                             Rong Rong (Ph.D. student)

                                                                              Renovated Laboratories (year 2001)
  Yu  Jie, Ye Jing

  Hans-Peter, Yu Jie

                                                                          Lab excursion with Chinese Dinner (in 2001)
  Rong Rong

Excursion to HuangShan (Yellow Mountains) in March 2001:




   Anja, Angela

July 2001: Angela, Ya Xian, Hans-Peter, Rong-Rong, Yu Jie, Wolfgang, Ye Jing (year 2001)

Farewell Dinner Hans-Peter (November 2001): Kevin, HP, Wolfgang, Angela, Ye Jing, Rong-Rong
Renovation Max Planck Guest Lab (May 2001)

Markus Riek, Wolfgang Hennig, Tom Kinzel (2002)


Young scientist's visit (2002) (from left Dong Mei, Tang Xiaoying, Raylin)


September 2002: Lab Members, Guests, Visitors

Tom (August 2002)

Rongrong, Alex, Stefan, Lu Yi, Li HuaGuang, 

                                                                                                                       Tang Xiaoying, YuJie, Dong Mei (April 2003)


Yu Jie

Tang Xiaoying

Alex, Dong Mei


Alex, Stefan, Dong Mei, Tang Xiaoying, Rongrong, Yu Jie, Lu Yi (April 2003)

Wilhelm Bernhard Workshop Pavia 2003

                                                                                                                                                      (Alex, Yi, Wolfgang) in Monasterodella Certosa


Autumn in Shanghai

i Winter in Shanghai in front of Institute (Wolfgang, Alex 23.1.2004)


May 2005

Wolfgang - Norman - Huaguang - Nina - Yi - Timo - Rongrong - Anna - Yaxian - Alex